Project & Programme Management...

Many people think Project and Programme Management are the same, however, they are completely different.

In simple terms, Programme Management is the management of many smaller projects in order to create one large project. For example, a complete vehicle requires an Engine, Chassis, Body and Electronics to function correctly. Each of the departments; Engine, Body, Chassis and Electrically have to deliver their project on time and within the agreed budget. Programme Management oversee all the smaller projects, ensuring all departments are doing what they originally agreed, within budget and ensuring they come together to form 1 big final project. Programme Management are responsible for ensuring the complete project is on time and within budget.

If you are looking for a Project or Programme Manager then please contact us, our details can be found on our 'Contact Us' page. We have experience in all the following area's: Design Engineering, Test & Development, TVM activities, Process Mapping, Project Delivery, Issue Management, Planning, Purchasing and Logistics. Our previous projects have ranged from £7,000 to £470 Million (GBP).

Since 2009, SebTek Limited has been involved heavily within Automotive Engineering Sector providing both Project and Programme Management Services. We have work alongside some of the greatest companies the world has to offer. These include Jaguar LandRover who are based in Coventry, Gaydon, Solihull and Halewood, Ford Motor Company based in Dunton and Dagenham, PSA Group (Peugeot and Citroen) based in Tremery, France and many other smaller suppliers and outsource companies such as Bosch, Lear, Brose, Tickford's, MIRA etc. Due to the nature of the Projects, we are unable to discuss any details.

SebTek Limited were also given the opportunity to managing the race preparation of roll cages in the BBC TopGear vehicles.

In 2007 SebTek Limited were given the opportunity to manage the development of a new build property, situated within the South West for a wealthy client, a large 3 storey house. We also managed the complete renovation of a further 4 Properties. These include the renovation of a property built in the 1700's restoring character and detail, along with more recent properties dating to the 1920's and 1960's. A great deal of satisfaction, admiration and feeling of joyfulness were experienced by all who worked on these projects. The sense of achievement was over whelming.